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How do you replace a Swatch watchband? Answered

Swatch watches use a different system I THINK to typical watches. I can see the end of each pin in a hole in the watch body. Can I just find something small enough to fit in that hole an push to compress the spring inside the pin?



Best Answer 8 years ago

That's exactly it -near as best I remember, all watches either use a hole in the watch body, or a ridge on the pin that you engage with a small object (like a razor knife) and retract the pin. I personally use a fingernail when I can. Reassembly is simply the opposite.

Cool. The design of the Swatch watch body and band means the side of the pin isn't visible at all. I too have replaced watch bands using the method you have described, but you cannot see the "ridge", which is why I'm assuming the spring is compressed by pushing it via the small hole in the watch body.

Yes - if it's a full width band showing no parts of the side of the pin, then you indeed poke with a pin of some sort.

However, some Swatches have significant collectible value. If this is something you care about, you should take your Swatch to an authorised dealer to change or repair the strap.

Very true. Bought mine on ebay for $AU35, so unlikely to have significant collector value.

Easy and cheap , Use a paper clip, small size un bend it , You dont need to push it all the way in,    Just enough to pull the pin out. Most of the pins come out easily. I first started using a pin, but  I didnt feel comfortable about that.

If you can't get it fixed, if you take it to Walmart the will replace it for you while you wait.

No Walmarts within 2000km of me. Trying to "DIY" in the spirit of Instructables, but thanks for the suggestion though.

'most' department stores will change a band for free... as will jewelers if you buy the band there. I agree with the diy attitude!

Yep probably not if you don't buy the band there. Have had a go at DIY - willing now to throw a few dollars at a watch repair place to do it for me

Removing the existing band is what I'm trying to acheive. Also swatch bands/bodies are built differently - they have extra "bits" that the pin passes through. Thanks again though!