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How do you report spam? Answered

I've noticed at least one user posting bogus Instructables such as https://www.instructables.com/id/Uhaul-Rental/ recently.  (I'm pretty sure I know how to contact a U-Haul rental store.)  What's the process for reporting similarly objectionable unsolicited commercial content?



How does one report spam in comments?
Such as:

Any comment also has a "flag" button, in orange text to the bottom-right of the comment.

The best thing to do is just flag it as spam and that's it. We'll take it from there.

Try not to comment on it. The more attention, views, and comments it has, the longer it takes for us to delete everything off of it and get rid of it.

Thanks. I didn't see the "flag" links, but they're appearing now. Must have been something with my desktop.


Plus if the spam is offensive enough that you think it needs removing quickly, and HQ are out of the office (time zones and what-not), try contacting a member of the Community Team, who can help with some spam-related issues.

I'm the one who watches flags, so I'm cool with people PMing me with comments or such that need immediate attention. Otherwise, there is usually one person or another on the site at all times and if we see spam we get rid of it right away.

What you've done here is useful. As Penelopy said below, you should also flag the offending Instructable. With the site redesign, knowing how to do this is almost impossible for the average user. In the title bar across every I'ble, way over at the far right, you'll find an inscrutable little button with a flag on it. Click that, and select the Spam option.