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How do you restore your iPod Touch to factory settings without updating? Answered

I have a download limit (up to 300MB) with Hughesnet Internet, and I cannot download the most recent iPod Touch update. How can I restore my iPod Touch to the original factory settings (no apps except the ones that came with it)? I think I got some sort of virus on it, but I called Apple and they said to restore it. I just got my iPod yesterday, and am kind of bummed that the apps aren't working :(

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I've never had to do it, but here's how.

1. Connect iPod and open itunes (version 9)
2. Click on your device, it should open up to the tab labeled Summary.
3. In the second box down from the top labeled Version, there are two options, you can check for an update, or Restore.
4. Click Restore.
5. I've never had to restore mine, but it probably prompts you to confirm.

There you go!

I don't think you have a virus, since computer viruses target specific programs, like Windows. Restoring it might help, but if it didn't work right out of the box it might be a software problem.

Hope this helps!

Not sure , I never tried but go in setting/general/ reset/ erase all content and settings