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How do you safely tint a Motorcycle Face visor yellow? Answered

How would one tint a face visor yellow? Not clear yellow but a pretty solid yellow that you can't be seen from the outside but you can see through from the inside?

Whats a good way to do this that's safe and such.


Talking to a motorcyclist instructor co-worker...He states most places it is legal to tint the face sheild because it is not consiered a windshield (like on a car). You are allowed to do it -- but it is highly recommended to BUY ONE that is already tinted properly. You can use standard vinyl decal/tint (the stuff you'd use on car windows) - It comes in various metallic tints. Get the lightest possible; you'll be a sad camper if you get stuck biking in the evening and running out of sunlight with a limo-tint on your visor.

I have often used yellow tinted eye protection for night riding and it is quite good. You could see through both sides though (not like "limo" tint.)
I agree, not a DIY project.

.  I agree with orksecurity and frollard, this is not really a DIY project. Even if it turns out to be an easy project (since all the face shields I've worn were curved, I'm guessing automotive tint won't work), the consequences of a botched job could be fatal.

Probably safer and more effective, and possibly not more expensive, to buy a replacement visor which already has the tint you're looking for...? Though it sounds like any tint dark enough to achieve what you want might not be road-legal.