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How do you sell stuff door-to-door? Answered

I got this job selling lawncare, but I've never had a sales position before. So I was hoping you, the instructables community, could share some tips from your own experience.

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I think the true secret to success in sales is the ability to lie convincingly.

What I'm talking about is a lie so thorough, and perfect, and complete, that even you will also be tricked into believing the lie is true, at least partially.  

I think the mental gymnastics must be something like that required of a double agent, or a undercover police detective.  Really you have to become this whole different person, and the person you have to become is someone who is truly enthusiastic about the product  being sold.  This lawncare crap, or whatever it you're selling, in truth is probably overpriced and deeply flawed, and made by uncaring robots.  However your in-character sales persona must NOT entertain such doubts.  

To the successful sales-drone there is no doubt.  The product being sold is Shangri-la.  It is a beautiful secret garden that only a handful of enlightened  individuals like yourself are even aware of.  It is not he same old crap everyone else is selling. It is not just another gimmick.  It is a God-damned religious experience!  It's an epiphany! It is a glorious revolution in lawn care!  The invention of your product was an event in lawncare history comparable to the discovery of fire among hair-covered hominids! 

In the old, bad days, the lawns of the world were groping, struggling, living short and bleak lives in the horrid, predator-filled darkness.  But now, for the first time, there is the possibly of your lawn ascending to a better place, perfect and divine, and becoming some kind of god-lawn,  what a lawn was meant to be, a shining beacon of beauty and light, that makes other lawns look like dead grass and baked clay by comparison.

You may find it difficult to explain this religious feeling you have for your company's lawncare equipment.  Probably the best you'll be able to do is to regale them with stories of the little things, the secret beautiful things, that set your lawncare product/service apart from anyone else's.  Like how the little knob goes up to 11, when everyone else's only goes up to 10.  You can tell the moving story of the intrepid and bankrupt inventor who put his whole life savings into one failed prototype after another, until he found the one, the one perfect piece of lawncare equipment he'd been searching for his entire life.

Basically you just have to be able to lie your ass off.  For some this skill comes naturally, politicians for example.

And be aware that many of us automatically refuse to accept door-to-door solicitation from anyone over age 16. (As in, I will buy girl scout cookies or things of that sort, but any semi-adult or older ought to be able to find a better-paying and less-annoying job.)

Back in highschool (1976), I sold the second highest number of medical kits by doing a door to door sales games, in order to pay for my transit to Washington. Our highschool's choir was chosen to represent the State for the bicentennial in Wash DC , but many of us were not able to call on our rich parents to foot the bill, so the choir director kindly got things set up with some mfg to donate part of the sale price (as I recall they cost ~2 or 3 dollar..sort of thing you toss in your glove compartment). If we sold enough, then  our ticket was paid...

Anyway, I think I sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 kits. the action was simple. Be patient, walk alot, be nice, dress cleanly, and be honest about what you're selling. Do not be overly pushy, especially in these lean times. People do not like a hard sell, and hostility from prospective clients will do little more than pop your balloon...DO expect some disappointment, and swallow it. Not everyone will be open to your advances, in fact many will not...you just have to accept it and move on. Do not rely on the scam tactics that some sales types would have you believe are "reputable". they are not. Bullies do not make good salespeople.

Finally, KNOW your product inside and out and practice a sales pitch, fine tuning in response to the reaction you receive get from prospectives.

"Finally, KNOW your product inside and out and practice a sales pitch, fine tuning in response to the reaction you receive get from prospectives."

The best advice in the great answer.

 umm you park at one end of the street and walk down the street just going down one side and when you are walking back to your car you do the other side but when you do it you probably want to do it when everybodies home so they dont think your a creep i also suggest you dont force the homeowners to buy your product and dont be discouraged when someone says go away and slams the door in your face (you will get that sometimes) and come up with a script for what your are going to say so if some one is interested you can actually know what you are talking about 

Have fun

Do you get paid for every item you sell?
You need to convince people it's worth buying, and people who can do that become successful salespersons.
Are you good at arguing with people? Making your opinion heard etc.