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How do you set up a wireless internet at home? I already know my username and password, but what do I do now? Answered

Also, my sister is using the same network, and it works with her...  Our computers are basically the same (windows XP) and I have asked her execpt she doesn't know how she did it :(


You did not say if you have a dial-up connection or DSL. If you have a DSL connection you need to connect the DSL modem to the wireless router. After everything is setup I recommend that you select the security mode for your network, thus avoiding unwanted people from using your network. Next you should run the wireless connectivity program in each computer that will share your network. With a dial-up connection you need an external modem and a wireless router that takes a telephone plug.

the infor mation you've given so far is not that usefull. wht hardware have you got, ad how have you configured it?


Select the network and input the password.

If your computer has wireless built in you should be able to find the router and sign in.

Google "setup wireless router". and follow the steps.