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How do you sew cushions together so that they will fold out into a mattress? Answered

I'm trying to complete a cushion project and have a concept, will try it, but, wanted some advice as to whether to attach a full 41" length gusset to three cushions or just on both sides of  the middle cushion, in order to fold out evenly, as a mattress.  What are your thoughts?



8 years ago

You should also look at "bouldering pads" or "crash pads" used for rock climbing. The joints are at an angle other than 90deg to minimize gaps when unfolded. It is hard to see in this photo, but read the description, and use the site as a launching point for more research http://www.metoliusclimbing.com/stomp_pad.html


8 years ago

This sounds like a perfect dorm room project for someone coming to stay over. If you do make this, please post it .

You'll want two gussets, one one each side of the center cushion. You've got the right idea in that full width gussets are going to be much better than little ties or tapes or anything like that.

You'll to attach the gussts to opposite faces of the middle cushion, so the matress folds up like a "Z" Place the on the same face, like a letter "C," and they'll need both to fold up against that one face.

The most common problem seems to be keeping the cushion from trying to partly unfold while it's in use as a cushion. A sturdy and very closely fitted cushion cover is my best guess at a solution for that.

Good luck! :)

Exactly.  Thanks, Sean - I'd thought I ought to draw something up, but was being lazy about it :).