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How do you shorten your USB cable? Answered

I have a 50 foot "Enthernet cable" I need to make it, 30 feet can you explain how to do this.


Twist ties!!!!!!! :D

Reckon on about 9 inches per billionth of a second......

The Verizon tech made it sound so important that I change the wire, I was just trying to save a few dollars but thanks for the comment. I would figure 9 billont a second ain't bad :)

I do have the cable rolled up, but the problem is the longer the cable the slower the internet speed. It is faster for the internet singial to go 30 feet in a Cooper line than to go 50 feet in a copper line. The closer your computer is to the route the faster the speed, because the signal doesn't have to travel far. So what I am trying to do is save some money and not buy a new shorter line. Thank you for your suggestion it was very nice of yu to answer ttony

You are correct in the fact that it will take longer for the data to travel the extra 20 ft, but you are not correct in that it will make a noticeable difference in your internet speed (Technically it takes longer, but it isn't a long enough time for it to be noticeable to you and me). WiFi is a different issue. 20 ft will make a difference with WiFi, but not with wired Ethernet.

btw... Ethernet is not USB. I can guarantee that USB will not work over 3 meters.

Geeke Thank your for your reply, the version repair man told me it would make a big difference if I shirtened the line. but now I know better, Thanks ttony

No problem... Keep in mind that most repairmen from Internet companies will either A.not know anything, or B. try to make excuses as to why something is your problem and not theirs. (Or both!) ;)

Since the electrical signals in the cable travel at speeds that are close to the speed of light the few extra feet will not make any difference.

Twisted pair copper cabling used in telephone wiring tends to be on the lower end, somewhere between 40% to 70%. So a good estimate is somewhere between 120,000,000 m/s to 210,000,000 m/s.


6 years ago

Coil 15 to 20 feet of the cable near one of the connectors and secure the loop with a zip tie.
FYI, an ethernet cable isn't a USB cable, a USB cable will only work within a distance of around 3 meters (9 feet).

Burf thanks for your reply, The Verizon repairman said it would make a difference, but now I know better the difference is nothing. Again thanks for your comments ttont


6 years ago

Just coiling it up is the best thing to do like Burf said. If you really wanted to make it shorter you can do that but you need special tools for networking cable and you need an end for it. Rather than cut a good cable what you should do is just buy a ready made 30 foot one. That would give you the best results unless you know what you are doing.

Here is a 35 foot one for you.

Vvyger thank you or your reply, I am leaving the cable the way it is. Ttony