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How do you solder wires to parts? Answered

I'm having trouble soldering some 22g hook up wire to some switches and motors that I have. The iron gets hot enough to melt the solder, but I can't get the wires themselves to melt it. Any suggestions?


first step..clean your soldering iron with a wet sponge because it maybe covered with iron bits that you have soldered before, second step.....let your soldering iron heat up to 400 degrees celsius and then point the tip of the soldering iron into the part you want to solder with the lead soldering it together and then it should work.. hope this helps.. good luck

The problem might be oxidation or rust, this can be fixed by using fine sandpaper or steel wool to polish the metal leeds on the motors and switches, once this is done soldering will be easier. The other problem might be the solder, its worth buying high quality solder because it doesn't have impurities. the other problem might be your technique, be sheer to keep the tip of your soldering iron clean and to apply solder to the connection after heating the connection, do not use the soldering tip as a transfer tool.

Put a little flux on the wire and tin it by putting a little solder on the wire first then put a little flux on what you are soldering to, Works for me and the wire doesn't get hot enough to melt the insulation

Try surrounding the wires with the solder wire so it acts like a conductor to the other wires. Be careful not to get any on the circuit board, if you are using one. :)