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How do you stretch your own canvas? Answered


more on what caitlinsdad said...be sure to start from the center of each side (top and bottom, then side to side) and work your way out to the corners. When you're about 2 - 2 1/2 inches from each corner fold them in like you would making your bed (you do make your bed don't you?). For practice, find an old framed cork board and spare fabric

You can get the real frame parts from an art supply store (pearlpaint.com). The ends are precut to slide into one another. Do not glue or nail the frame together. Attach your canvas by wrapping it around the back, pulling opposite sides taut and tacking it down with a stapler or tacks. Next step is to use "keys" or little plastic or wood triangular wedges to drive into the slots in thecorners of the frames to expand the frame slightly and get a tightly stretched canvas. The keys will hold with friction. You can also get these metal screw type things that are attached to the inside corners to force the frame apart to stretch the canvas. Size the canvas with your favorite medium and paint away. Good luck. Oh, there are also some frames that have a groove milled into it. You use a plastic or clothlike cord to lock in the canvas when you press it all into the groove. It is a similar technique to fixing a window screen if you want to look that up. If you are just using pieces of wood, just screw or nail it together. Just have a helper apply even tension to an entire side of the canvas while the other person can tack it down as tight as they can.

i'd try (never did myself) first connect it to frame parts then turn them to be together and connect (so that you need to pull the parts a bit apart to connect)