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How do you tame a chicken so you can pick it up without it pecking or scratching you? Answered

My family are getting chickens for our back garden and apparently chickens aren't very friendly sometimes. How do we train them to be more domesticated and tame?


Feed or treats that make it feel being around you is a positive experience work wonders. Learning chicken noises (the non-upset soothing chirpy kind they make when content) can help a little if made. Trying not to tower over them - eye level is of course best but not terribly practical. Trying to not appear wide, such as avoiding stretching the arms to the sides (works in reverse to chase them or geese off - they'll size up your wingspan and calculate they don't want none o' that). Generally going extremely gently and kindly. For a "quick fix" on non-trained chickens, sticking their head (gently) under their wing calms them (or other birds) a lot, a little like lightly pinching the nape of the neck on a cat, since it triggers a bit of "I'm in sleeping position".

get lots of chicken feed and put some beside you and set down besside it until they get used to you then feed it to them by hand after that they may start to like you and try and pick it up, or make sure that you are the first thing it sees when it hatches, thats what i think would work anyway

top hat and boots not optional

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