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How do you taxiderm a lizard? Answered


First catch your lizard.

I was going to say "That's no lizard". There used to be an instructable or two on that.

Oh blast, I'll post a question on what lizards look like later. How would you go about stuffing that thing then?

I believe that doing a lizard would be VERY close to the same process as doing a small bird.

Check out this link.

It just seems to me that lizards are a more ticklish proposition than birds, thanks for the link though.

How so ? Are you aiming to stuff a tiddler , or a Komodo ? Steve

I was thinking of stuffing a skink, I think a komodo would be a little out of my league at this stage. Woodle

I suspect the scale might be more of a problem than the actual procedure.

I was a trifle concerned over that side of things too. Perhaps a microscope?

Maybe rather than work UP to something, you should work DOWN ? I doubt you'd need a microscope, but a binocular loupe sounds like a good idea to me.

As it does to me. What would you think of a magnifying glass? Just to start off with.

I think you'll need stereo vision - get one of those big lenses ?

I'm just concerned about spending too much money on what is, at the present, just a fledgling hobby.

I thought it was a lizard , not a fledgling ;-)

Anyway, Home Depot and the like (B+Q here in the UK) sell little clip on lenses like sunglasses which will work for a couple of bucks.


Are they not one and the same? This sounds like a splendid, and economical, solution.