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How do you terminate the shingles a pyrimid roof? Answered

I have built a pyrimid hip roof. All 4 sides are equal size and they come to a point. I have shingles now all the way to the top but I am not sure how to cap the darn thing. None of the hardware stores know how. When I finish the ridge shingles how do I cap them so water can not get in? Any pattern I can cut to fit?


As an alternative, you could purchase or fabricate a decorative metal (copper or brass) finial cap.

I assume you're using fire-resistant asphalt shingles, not wood. You'll need to cut and lap shingles up to the point, as close as you can get.

When you're at the point where the flats are narrower than a shingle, score each one on the back (you can do a pair of 45-degree scores and cut out the wedge) to fold around the corners.

At the very peak, you'll make four cuts through a shingle forming a right-angle X, but leave solid shingle to cover where the four hips join. Score and fold the four leaves down the sides, and score and bend to wrap and overlay the leaves around the pyramid.

Come up the 4 hips like normal. At the top cut a square of shingle and "hand form" it to fit over the top and nail on the 4 flat sides. It's at the top so there is very little chance for water to get in even in a hard rain.