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How do you type? Answered

Well my computer teacher says always to keep your hands in the home row position(look at picture.) and not to do move your fingers around just to move them up and down to the according key. By the way the home row is.. a s d f g h j k l ; Now is this a better way to type or just to move your fingers around. another explanation: he says to keep your fingers on a s d f g h j k l ; and then curl them down or up to hit the key. Hopefully the pictures will clear it up.


Touch typing was the only useful thing I was taught during the once mandatory education in the Swedish armed forces. Several years later I switched from qwerty to Dvorak. The touch-typing skill has served me well during my years as scientist and programmer. I have met many poor souls that try to claim that it isn't the typing speeds that limit their speed, but the thinking in between. The same persons usually write very terse e-mails, and shy away from documenting their code... Touch typing really makes a difference! Not only is it faster, it is something I do unconsciously. Words flow from my brain to the computer without any attention wasted on what my fingers do. I don't have to divert my eyes to the keyboard. By the way. If you think the odd characters used in programming is a pain on a standard US qwerty keyboard, take a look at a Swedish keyboard. Backslash, @, *, curly braces and brackets are tucked away in the most awkward positions imaginable.

I have been directed towards a pretty interesting site for those that might wish to learn touch typing: Link to Touch Typing Download. Overview:
This free program help you learn quick and blind keyboard printing. Program benefits: Training statistics; Keyboard emulation; Uses the simple and colorful interface; Personal exercises creation; Free lessons choice; Multiple Users Support; Game plot. Version adds Italian interface and virtual keyboards.


10 years ago

I had the misfortune of taking a touch-typing class (on IBM selectrix, IIRC) at the same time I was taking my first computer programming class (on an ASR33.) It turns out that touch-typing was basically useless on an ASR33 when a lot of what you're typing is numbers and funny punctuation and "control-x" anyway, so I would up with this weird combination of touch typing and random fingers in random places. Sigh. I still end up typing a lot of keys that aren't really part of the real "typing" set, so I'm still weird.

what really got my goat was that I learned to be really fast on the numeric keypad, and then my first data entry job forced me to relearn the keypad because the KEYPUNCH had the pad upsidedown *grrr* I haven't been fast on a calculator since then...sigh

Yeah, lack of standardization outside of the normal letters didn't help much either. There were at least two common setups for the punctuation above the numbers, and the placement of things like CTRL continues to change even in this day and age.

And my having short fingers didn't help much either. I couldn't reach the number line easily (fortunately I only took a "personal typing" class, and it was not required). To this day, I either use the keypad, or I must look, if entering numbers.

Touch typing comes in handy when I am up early and the wife is still sleeping, I can be on the computer in the next room and don't need to turn the light on to see the keyboard (we can't close the door between the rooms).

I learned the home row way back in like the 4th and 5th grade(we used this program called Mavis Becon) . They made us pass speed tests and stuff, now I can type fast and I'm used to it.

Wow, that is still around :-) When I learned it, they started us out on typewriters that had keycaps on the letters. :-)

Yeah, they made sure you didn't "peek" at the keyboard. ;-)

I don't use home row but I still use all my fingers (except maybe left pinky). I taught myself very young when I started playing the game Diablo. In order to communicate with anyone else, you have to type, and quickly, if you don't want to get killed.

I've never done well with the home keys. I'm a "key-pecker" by nature. I never learned correctly and I don't want to learn now. I guess it really doesn't matter at this point because I type very fast with 2-3 fingers. :P

Ya same here. But my teacher gives you lunch detention for not using the home row.

lunch detention over it? thats crazy. i guess i use the home keys out of habit... though i do have a habit of looking at my fingers as i type, despite the fact that i know exactly where the keys are. playing games and typing has increased my speed, but im still pretty slow. i type around 60wpm, but not accurately. accurately, its down to around 40.

gasp....40 wpm is slow ? *sigh* I took a personal typing course (oh about 35+ years ago) and have been "touch typing" ever since...but I have never achieved faster then about 25 wpm with any degree of accuracy at all. Still, it is useful for transferring typed instructions (programs, text, etc) to e-media (I don't have to look at the keyboard, and can keep my eye on what I am typing from, and not lose my place so often). But then, I do have "worker's fingers", and my finger thickness is a bit of a hindrance to typing on any keyboard.

its slow compared to alot of people i know. my friend routinely types around 120-150 wpm accurately. people with larger fingers typically have more trouble typing. i have long skinny fingers, so i guess that helps me. btw, i have been meaning to ask you this and forgot. what is your avatar a picture of?

Oh I know, but just thinking about 40 wpm being slow makes me overly "slow hand Luke" in essence :-) (song reference) .

My current avatar ? It is a pyrograph (wood burning) of a large sailing ship. Here is a bigger view of it. And also one I did of a dog with the "spirit of a wolf"...And finally (in case anyone cares) a wooden plate w/Santa making his list (the pic is not very good)...


those are great. i havent done much wood burning. we have a burner but my dad uses it as a soldering iron and all of the tips are no good now. about the only thing i ever seriously tried to burn was a turtle. i tried to just wing that one with a quick pencil sketch. it didnt turn out too bad i dont think for a first actual try. previously i had just screwed around with it and made a not so great looking tree.

Thank you for the compliment. The Santa like the ship, has so much more detail then can be seen in the pic. The list Santa is making there is barely 3/4 of an inch across, yet many of the names I inscribed in there are readable (with a magnifying glass). Sadly, my eyesight is not so good anymore.

Well, just like with sketching, or any artform, it takes practice to do anything well, so then, if one is making lifelike forms, it should resemble it anyway, but if one is being more abstract, then it doesn't need to "look good to others" as it is your interpretation of what you see, or feel.

BTW: I learned on a manual typewriter as "electric" ones had only just come out.

Something potentially fun: Open a reply box and type for exactly one minute, stream of consciousness or copy something, (soc is more fun), and post the results.

I tend to use (types gibberish to check, deletes it) both index fingers, my right middle finger, and very occasionally my right thumb.

I used to use more, but I've been banned from using my thumbs to type because they're wearing out (it's not arthritis or anything, just "normal wear-and-tear for my age", says my doctor, who is the same age as me).


10 years ago

I don't really care to use the home row much, it seems to "constrain" my fingers. My BIT class teacher doesn't care, as long as we finish our work. I normally position my fingers over the middle of the keyboard, but don't place them on specific keys. My max gwam (good words a minute, ones without mistakes) using my method is 102. Using the home row, I've only made it to 73 gwam. I'm fairly accurate, and don't want to change.

Because knowing the proper way improves however we do it later on. Even though I don't use the home row postitioning, knowing the home row keys as well as the top and bottom rows make the way I type less hunt and peck and more efficient. Just like when we were taught how to write in script. None of us write exactly the way we were taught, but it's close enough that most of us can read each other's writing. Had we not been taught the proper way, there would be no base for comparison.

IS's A CONSPIACY! Why must we all conform to a certain type of typing? It is a conspiracy I tell you! First the rule our fingers, making us all type what THEY want as to, making our arms ache in exaustion. After that, they rule our MINDS! Soon we'll all have to ware the same clothes, Elect the same poloticians, and eat waffles in a crude and disgusting manner! I will not fall for such rubbish, for if we all begin to type the same way, we will all be living in a boring, mindless, Orwellian nightmare!
Besides, I like the way I type best. My fingers arent chained down to only hit a certain coulum of keyes, but move freely. Itt isn't key pecker, for i use nearly all my fingers, but where they are convienet, not where they are Supposed to be.

When I was in 10th grade, the teacher gave me a D+ in typing (we didn't have computers yet) because I tried, but could never master the home row thing. She said I'd never make a typist. In the Army they put a typewriter in front of us. When we passed the test at 40wpm, we passed the course. I taught myself to do this with three fingers (well... two and the thumb) on my right hand and two on the left. You'll notice that most keyboards have a lifted dot or mark on the F and J keys for home row positioning.


10 years ago

I don't have to type. I just think of what I want to say and this machine here puts it on the screen for me.


10 years ago

i dont usually have my hands on any keys to start i just hover over the keyboard with wrists on the desk. But i still type very fast, (i look at the keyboard while i type most of the time but ive got where the keys are pretty well.


10 years ago

I type with incredible speed, well thats what my friends say...

i just unsually hover my finger around the last key i pressed until i get the next key that needs hitting with that finger.

under pressure i make a lot of minstakes tho =/

thats mistakes ;)

I keep my fingers on WASD and IJKL because i play a lot of FPS. Thumb is the space bar, but I always found the "Home row" uncomfortable.