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How do you use bluetooth on a computer? Answered

How do you use bluetooth on a computer?



8 years ago

A program called Blue Soleil came with my Bluetooth dongle.  I'm not sure if its free but it came with my R100,00 (About USD13) bluetooth dongle (cheapest one they had).

Anyway, it makes using your PC bluetooth with other bluetooth devices incredibly easy. 

Hope this helps.


8 years ago

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol.  You usually don't directly USE it - rather your peripherals do.

A lot of people mistake bluetooth headsets (microphone plus speaker) as a 'bluetooth' which I presume you're asking here.  The process is the same for most all peripherals.

In any case, you need a bluetooth receiver for your computer, such as this.  Note, many modern laptops already have it built in. 

Bluetooth is a challenge response password encrypted protocol, so you need the passcode for your device.  Generally it is 0000. 

1. Go into your bluetooth settings diaologue (different for each operating system), but generally in the control panel under 'bluetooth' and open the dialogue. 
2. Put your device into discoverable mode.  Each device will be different - whether it has a connect button, or 'hold power for 10 seconds'...etc.  Look at the instructions for your device.
3. Go into the bluetooth dialogue on the computer and choose 'search for devices' (or the like).  It should show any devices it finds in discoverable mode.  You will be prompted for a passcode.  Likely 0000, sometimes 1234 or 1111.  Some devices let you customize the code.  Always remember your code.
4. Whatever device it is will install, and will be ready to use.  if its a headset it will show as a microphone and a speaker.  If its a keyboard, it will show as a keyboard, etc.

Be advised - windows vista pulled the plug on headset drivers in the bluetooth stack.  boourns to them.