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How do you use your tv as a acer aspire one laptop screen? Answered

I have an acer aspire one but my screen is cracked and need help on how to get there without using the mouse(because of course I cant see anything.) 



Lo ,lowdown, when you get your adapter hooked up try pressing fn key and the f5 or f6 key at the same time.  You might be able to get the vid. passed over to the tv.

Good luck.

You need a VGA-to-whatever-input-your-tv-wants adapter cable. Look on the TV and see whether it wants composite, component, s-video, or HDMI, then go to a computer store and buy the correct adapter. Or order one online using the computer you used to post this question.

You should be aware that unless you're using an HDTV, the resolution is going to suck. VGA adapters for HDTV's cost a lot more than the other kind, last time I checked.

I think his problem is that he needs to see his screen to set up the second screen and his main screen is broken.

If he can get another computer like his and sit them side by side he may be able to estimate where his cursor is and looking at the other screen he knows what answers to make.

Oh... I dunno about the Aspire, but my laptop has a function key (F10) that shoots the video out to the VGA adapter. It has a little picture that looks like a monitor on it. My old laptop from work had the same thing, except it was F5.