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How do you wire a 4 pin LED rocker switch? Answered

I have a switch from radio shack. Number 275-0021...SPST16A/125VAC Illuminated On/Off Rocker Switch. For the life of me I can't get this thing to work like it says it's suppose to. Green led on and Red led when it's off. I have tried wiring it all kinds of ways but the closest I have come is getting it green led when it's on and off. When it should be red when off. It has 4 pins numbered 1-4 on it. Can someone please explain to me how to wire this switch? So the LEDS will work like they are suppose to. Thanks



5 years ago

Radio Shack has recalled this switch because of faulty installation instructions.
and there is no single schematic depicting the actual LEDs and internal resistors.
connect to the pins Let alone if a lower voltage is needed to light the LEDs common to
the neutral.

Past experience with a lighted rocker used a secondary low voltage for the LED.



Answer 5 years ago

Yea I have a few of these switches I disassembled one so I can can see the circuit. I ended up getting it to work but not sure if it's safe though. I wired Pin 1 negative to the negative on the LED strips I am trying to power, Pin 2 to the Negative on the battery and pin 4 to the positive on the LED strips and to the battery positive. It works when I turn it on. The LED turns green and when I turn it off the LED turns red. Again I don't think this is the proper way to wire it but It is working. What do you think?


Answer 5 years ago

Kudos for getting it to work without blowing it Up !!
Engineering speak says "use it till it fails"