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How does Oodammo work? Answered

i just wanna know how it works with knex guns


Well, the mag is usually in the front and the ammo is loaded upwards by a rod pushing the ammo up or a rubber band pulling it up. Then the force of the rod or rubber band holds the bullet in place at the top of the mag while the ram is pulled back and blocked by the trigger. Then you pull the trigger and the ram hits the loaded bullet. Now when you look at a Oodammo mag you will notice that there is a space between the rod that holds the ammo and the top of the mag, That is so the loaded ammo can be fired and not take the mag with it. LOL. The Oodammo gun that shows all the stuff I have discribed the most is the one by Owenmon so I would suggest checking that out. So I hope this answers your question about the Oodammo gun. ~ LF

Thanks for Best Answer.

The weight at the front of the bullet makes it accurate, because the weight is balanced on either side by the red connector, making it shoot flat and with a bit more momentum than rod ammo, but it needs more elastics than rod ammo

I mean more like how does the mag work with oodammo? not really how it shoots.