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How does a DCU-65 Data-cable look inside? Answered

I'd like to connect my Sony Ericsson K750i to a Arduino Chip on a PCB.

Can I solder 4 Wires directly to the Contacts/PCB or do I have some Resistors between?

It'd be cool to know that, because otherwise I'd have to slaughter a brand new cable which I'd have to buy first...



How are you thinking of doing this ? AFAIK, a DCU 65 is a phone/USB cable. A K750i can't work in host mode, and neither can an Arduino, so what are you trying to do ?

Sorry for my late reply.

Basicly, what I try to do is to hook up my Phone to a Arduino, build it into my PC to start my PC on SMS.

After the Startup, the Arduino should read the SMS, and send it as the Password to my OS. Furthermore after sucessfully logging in there should be a SMS sent back to my (other) Phone.

I found recently a Website that shows how to hook up the Arduino to the K750i so that AT-Commands can be sent to the Phone. Unfortunalely, I don't know if it has be done through Hyperterminal or not (I hope not).
I also don't know if there are any Resistors in the Connector to the Phone and if I'd skip to build in this/these Resistor/s maybe it'd fry my Phone and/or the Arduino

There are probably no resistors needed. Looking in more detail, the phone seems to put out either standard serial or USB depending on what's connected. Since the Arduino works on 3.3v or 5V and the phone outputs the same sort of voltages, you should be OK. If you buy a USB A socket, you don't have to cut the cable. h

Since I'm not using this (old) Phone any more (except for my PC), I thought about soldering some Wires directly to the contacts of the phone (or maybe even directly to the Phones PCB).
Another reason is that I haven't a spare Cable to use.

On the Website (which I posted the URL) theres a Link to another Site (russian) which shows the Pins of a Cable and the connectors to the phone.
Seems like my DCU-65 Cable is using the Pins 1,9,10 and 11 to make contact to my Phone.

Unfortunately theres only a DCU-60 cable described.

It's also interesting that if you look at the Pinouts of a K750, the description says that the Contacts 1,10 and 11 are NOT USED (which is Impossible since I'm using a DCU-65 Cable with my K750i sucessfully).

Only do that if your soldering is VERY good.