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How does a Tilt Swith Work? Answered

I am looking to make something which a group of Cub/Scouts could use while working together as a team. eg::- a Small circuit board that has a Tilt Switch / Motion Sensor on it which triggers a Audit and Visual alarm to let them and others know they have moved it. Please help Cheers Sandy Cubs Scout leader with no knowledge of this subject


UziMonkey is right, you can make one out of a ball bearing, a straw, and some wire, but be sure to test it thoroughly before using it. I have made a few this way, and your best bet it to get your wires as far off the sides of the tubes as you can and closer towards the center without them touching, since the ball bearing will usually not be such a tight fit, and might miss a wire if they are just mounted to the sides. At Fry's they sell Mercury Switches. It is the same concept as UziMonkey's explanation, but with a ball of mercury instead of a ball bearing. It works very well, and usually costs less than 2 USD. The tubes are fairly sturdy, so them breaking is unlikely. If you want, to give yourself a little extra reassurance on this, I put a gob of hot glue over mine. This might make it a little hard for your scouts to see the movement in the tube, though. Good luck!

A tilt switch is usually a ball in a small tube. When the ball rolls to one side of the tube, it makes contact with the outside of the tube and a small wire, closing the switch. You can even make your own out of a few pieces of wire, a ball bearing and a tube.