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How does an instructable become "Popular"? Answered

What is the difference between getting featured and becoming popular? Does an instructable that hits a certain number of views all of a sudden become "popular" and go to the front page, until it is eventually pushed off by other instructables?




Best Answer 8 years ago

What Michel said.  "Popular" is the same as it was before.  It's based on views per unit time, not on total views.  An I'ble from 2006, with 9,000 total views, doesn't have the Popular flag.  But one from Saturday, which already has 2,500 views, does get Popular.  Once that viewing rate goes down, it'll fall off the Popular list and go back to being normal.

It works like it used to do with the frontpage.

Ibles that get viewed alot in a couple of days get the banner popular and get to the frontpage just like they used to do before the sitechanges.

The only difference now is the banner that you get.

Eventually it will either get pushed off or it won't get enough views anymore to keep in the list.

But usually a ible that is popular is also featured (because the ones that many people look at are often very good so feature worthy)

Or conversely, a lot of people view them because they're featured, so they wind up on the popular list. Either way.