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How does it work when you update a sound card and graphics card? Answered

I have an Asus k55a laptop and i'm really satisfied with it. It's everything i could have hoped for for the price but i have recently become extremely interested in recording music and i'm finding my sound card is not quite all i thought it was. I'm also into filmmaking and the graphics are not the best when i put it under such large tasks. I don't think i will get a new audio or graphics card but i'm wondering how they work. I've heard alot about being able to download different drivers onto sound cards. Does that improve the quality? Could someone please explain the process of updating to me? Thanks.


Your best bet for superior sound performance and flexibility would be the purchase of an external sound card, in this regard a Creative Sound Blaster X-FI 5.1 surround card will fit the bill for under a $100.On the graphics side an external video card a (Vidock2) can be found at Village Instruments.com. Hope this helps Bro.

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Best Answer 5 years ago

The real issue is that you can't really upgrade the sound card or video card in a laptop. At least not without tearing it apart. It might be time to invest in a desktop with workstation graphics and a dedicated sound card. A good mic will also help sound quality.

You can try and update the drivers, if there are new ones, but the card is what it is (an what it is is probably integrated into the motherboard) so I doubt it will improve quality.

Typically to update drivers you go to the manufacturers website, put in your cards model type and download the latest drivers. Then you will either run an .exe which will guide you through the update as if you were installing a program, or you go into the device manager in the control panel, find your card, open its properties and click update driver. from there you browse to where the driver was downloaded and select it. The OS takes care of it from there.