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How does one hack the school firewall to access UDP ports for a VOIP telephone? Answered

I bought a magicJack for internet telephone service. It works great at home and since the device is small and portable, I thought I could bring it to school and have a telephone in my room while there, too. However, the device cannot access magicJack's servers so it doesn't work. MagicJack says it uses a given range of UDP ports. Apparently the district computer Nazis have blocked access and they aren't going to open them for me. Can I open them myself?



8 years ago

If you have already attempted the serious request/social engineering route, you're pretty much boned. 

As has been written a hundred times - if the network admin knows anything about anything, you're screwed - you MAY have some success setting up a proxy that tunnels over http and creates a vpn connection, but thats a whole 'nuther ball game.