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How does one make a liquid plastic dip? Answered

It is no longer sold in craft stores except in England and Europe. It was used to make plastic flowers. Dip in a wire form and it makes a minimum surface like a soap bubble.


So sorry to hear this is not available any more. I had this stuff as a CHILD....I didn't die or get poisoned. It was a terrific product...so much fun to use.

Hello i have about 3 cases of Plastic Baking Paste That Is Used To Make Plastic Flowers And Foliage and even have about 500 Aluminum Molds That Were Used To Make The Flowers I even have 2 of the Rubber Molds to make the metal molds ,Thought about scrapping them out but havent yet and have had them for over 10 years

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do you still have your molds and medium for making flowers? If you do, do you know how much the shipping would be to 75002 Allen, TX, and how much are you asking? I love crafting and was looking for the Dip It Film/Whimsy Dip type but this sounds interesting to me if I can afford it. Thank you, Donna

Thank you for your reply.  You are quite correct, when it was available it was not expensive - something like $5 for an approx. 8 ox. can.  But it is, as far as i have found, nowhere in the market that is available to a U.S. citizen.  Thanks again.  Kilix

im wondering if u ever got your answer :)

  • Have you tried mixing white glue with acrylic paint?

I did discover that Dip-it Fantasy Film was first marketed as a craft supply by Eric Jenner of "House of Handicrafts", though the material was "originally conceived as a novel media for the growth of bacteria, designed to aid the automated counting of microbes."

I was not able, however, to find any description of what the material actually contains. From what I can gather, it is some kind of acrylic resin (perhaps similar to ultra-thick embossing enamel?) dissolved in toluene. The toluene is apparently the reason the quick-drying type of fantasy film is no longer sold in the US or Canada.

See if you can convince House of Handicrafts to give you the detailed MSDS (materials data safety sheet) with the ingredients list and approximate proportions of the toxic ingredients. They are required by law to provide it, though they may have 'not gotten around to testing' some of the properties, or may provide it in a less than timely fashion. If you do get a copy, you might be able to get the Answer you were looking for.

If you can't, try another company. Similar products: Vitriflore, Tauchlack, Formafilm, Whimsy Dip, Fantasy Film, Resiflor, Fun Film, Dippity Glas, Joli Plastics...

Hello. I'm from Belgium and wholesaler of the product you cal dip-it-fantasy film. I'm selling it as Vitriflore . All the other names are from years ago when it was also produced in Germany ! The lady of the house of handicraft asked me for the product but I couldn't sent it because the USA doesn't accept product with acedon. The lady probably buy it in China (how they can send it ???) and was selling the product with the explanation and the pictures I let make by a professionel photgrapher (with copywright) she told me she got the pictures of her provider but refuse to tell me who it is. She removed the pictures of her website and now she is using you tube video! The product I'm selling is making in Europe and indeed using acetone ! The product of the house of handicraft is I suppose making in china and also availabel in England ! So I hope you have the answer you need (in a basic English ) Greating from Europe !

Thank you for you reply - have checked with chemical companys and college chemistry dept.  Still no answer.   Have contacted English co., no response.  Have contacted a friend in Europe, n.a.  Am still looking.  When I find it, will let you know, in case you can use it.   I can use it on at lest two of my projects. Thank you again,  Kilix


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Look for a product called plasti-kote. There is an instructable on here for plastic dipped origami birds. He used plasti-kote.


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Just picked up your note - will check it out and get back yo you.  Thanks.