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How does one make a simple radio with a transmiter and a receiver? Can someone better explain a passive RFID tag? Answered

I use a fm transmitter and a fm receiver to connect my tv to my computer speakers. The device is not very cost effective and I tried to make my own transmiter and receiver that had one frequency. I then learned about passive RFID tags and wondered how it could both transmit and receive a radio wave. And it only uses a memory source with an antenna in the form of an inductor. I began to wonder if I could make a tranmiter and receiver like an RFID tag. There is so much about radios in general that I still can't comprehend.


You could replace the thing with wire. But RFID is going to be of no use to you. I'm sure there are IR devices for transmitting TV to headphones?


Why is your current setup not cost effective? The cost of the batteries to power the FM transmitter? You could just buy/find a transformer with the correct power ratings and use that to power the FM transmitter. After all... they're designed to work on a 12V supply in a car so it should be fairly easy to find a cheap/free transformer. I think if I was trying to do the same as you, I'd chose an FM transmitter/receiver as the best option. Other options would be bluetooth, but thats RF too and would require more setting up/fiddling.


9 years ago

I can answer the second qwestion. A non-passive RFID tag has a battery and constantly emits a signal. Passive RFID tags are activated by the signal, and "bounce" it back, activating whatever the function is. Unfortunatly, that is what they are limited to, and cannot store large amounts, or any information, your best bet is to get a pair of wireless headphones, because they act as a mini radio station. Hope I helped!