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How does one rate an instructable? Answered

I'm new here ...... I've seen some instructables that have 5 stars next to them. I can't find anywhere on my page HOW to rate another's instructable. How does one do that?



Best Answer 6 years ago

In the upper right side of the instructable there are 5 open stars when you move your cursor over them and they color in. When you click on the stars, the rating is recorded.

Thank you! They weren't showing up for some reason, but now they are. Thanks for the reply.
I guess we can't vote on our own instructable. That sucks! ha!
Thanks for your reply!

Don't forget to credit a member when they've helped you by clicking on one of the "best answer" buttons, it will also mark this question as "answered" on the main page. ;)


6 years ago

If you have an instructable entered into a contest you can vote for it. Ratings and voting are 2 different things. Ratings are sort of a popularity indicator. If some one really likes your work they can rate it so others browsing around might be more inclined to stop and look at your work. Questions can also be rated. No ratings are negative, and everything is averaged. So If I were to rate this question as a one it would actually appear as a 3.6 . The same would happen if I rated it a 5, it would be a 4.09 . In order for you to get a 5 rating a lot of members need to rate it as a 5. Also by doing it this way no one person can downgrade another's work and make it appear as being poor. A full 5 is unusual, I only have one rated that high. In addition a lot of members never bother to rate anything so you can have a thousand views but only maybe 5 members have taken the time to rate it.
Once you have rated an instructable, or question, you cannot unrate it. But you can adjust your rating at any time.
A lot of times I will give ratings to newer members who only have a few instructables or maybe even just their first one, as a way to encourage them and kind of give them a pat on the back. Ratings are anonymous, you never know who gave it to you unless they comment on it.