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How does one use a certain ninjutsu technique? Answered

Could someone please tell me the basics of the technique to slow down your heartbeat? It's a technique I have heard of but not seen. Apparently it is used to fool an opponent into thinking that you are dead. Anyone know how to do it?


Most "ninjutsu" is fiction. This one is no exception.

It's certainly possible to learn to slow your heatbeat. Relaxation training is a good start (websearch will find info); beyond that, biofeedback training can help push it further. Physical conditioning -- lots of exercise -- will lower your resting heart rate even without this.

But nothing will push it low enough to make someone think you're dead. Bring it low enough to be convincing, and the brain quickly starves. Higher-level Judo involves some blood chokes, which is a large part of why judo matches have a set 3-minute time limit -- much longer, and a choke of this sort risks causing brain damage.

If you want to stop the pulse at your wrist, there are stage-magician's techniques to do that. (So far I've refrained from pulling that gag when I go to donate blood..)

But, be serious for a moment. Nobody in life-or-death combat checks their opponent's pulse. If in doubt, they just do additional damage to make sure he's dead. Playing possum makes that easier.

Don't confuse your fantasy life with real life. You can get hurt that way.

I know it's a stupid idea, but how do you stop your pulse at the wrist?

Apply pressure to the artery higher up the arm. The key is doing it non-obviously, controllably, and -- of course -- not completely enough or for a long enough time to cause harm.

(Remember: NEVER apply a tourniquet, or otherwise block blood flow to a limb, for more than a short time unless you're willing to risk losing that limb.)

More detail? Sorry, but I try not to spoil magic tricks. If you do a bit of searching through magic books in your local library, you can probably find this one. (Check descriptions of spiritualists and other fakes too; I think that's where I first ran into this particular trick.


7 years ago

i've seen on discovery channel. they put some sort of needle in nerves at the next that prevents some responses from brain to heart. they discovered it from a thing known as unity 747 in japan or china think. they made some experiments on humans

I was going to slow my pulse when ever a friend hurts me they will get scared

And they'd just walk away without making sure you were dead...?


Yea, but it's useful in crowd situations, they don't check everyone.

The point is this:
If you look dead, someone eiter assumes that you are, or makes sure of it.
They're unlikely to check for vital-signs.


yea..... but just in case it helps.. not really no. oh well :)

That's what they usually do in the movies.

no, in movies they can dissapear in cloud of smoke and fly away :D lol the movies are so ignorant.