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How does one warm the passenger compartment of an all-electric vehicle in winter? Answered

An all-electric car does not have a heat source as combustion engine-powered vehicles do. Without the engine, there is no heat source to keep the passengers warm in winter. Powering electric heating systems would deplete the batteries, stranding the eco-friendly driver in unfriendly conditions.


Chemical heaters or wear warm clothes just like WW2 pilots

Truck drivers have the same problem: If they're sleeping in the cab for example, how to keep warm without running the engine?
So you've got purpose-built truck heaters.
OK, you'd need diesel/paraffin to run them, but you could fill up with bio-diesel.


.  In addition to steve's prewarmer and Koosie's extra insulation, I'd try using small electric seat warmers - heat just your body instead of the whole cabin.


8 years ago

Manufacturers most likely thought of this while designing the car and increased the heat insulation material/devices. 
So once the car is heated, it stays warmer for a longer period of time without needing extra heating, which drains the batteries even more.

That or they give you a thick blanket when you buy the car :->

Usually with an electric pre-heater. The charger runs a heater in the car, started at some time before the driver needs it.  This helps.