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How does the emergency shut off work on a LifeFitness treadmill? Answered

First let me say that  I DON'T want to defeat the system.  If I or anyone else  trips, stumbles, passes out, or whatever,  I WANT  the thing to shut down.  I don't want anyone using the machine without  being clipped in to the shut-off.  LifeFitness has a good system in which nothing moves unless the emergency shut off is in place.

I'm asking for the obvious reason, the string and clip with the little magnet(?) thing  is lost.  If this is a fast and easy thing to put together, I'd rather do that than order one from the company.   If you know but aren't comfortable putting the information out in public,  please PM me.   



Best Answer 7 years ago

Have you tried just using a refrigerator magnet the right size for the receptacle?

More than likely, it's just a simple reed or plunger switch below the plastic, with normally-open contacts. The magnet pulls the switch closed. Think about an old-school relay, and replace the electromagnet coil with a little permanent magnet you can put in or take out.

I've tried two magnets. so far, no luck. I'll try a more powerful one.

. +1. Just about any small magnet that will fit should work.

+1. Yep. Small magnet to activate the reed switch, attach string to magnet and to clip which can be attached to jogging outfit. Person moving too far back pulls string, which pulls magnet, which opens reed switch, which cuts power to treadmill.

(I never particularly bothered with that safety, tending to just leave the string clipped to the frame of the machine. But I'm in good shape, unlikely to fall and unlikely to get myself into trouble if I do fall. "Do as I say, not as I do; I'm an idiot.")

how do you get the round magnet piece out of slot in my treadmill console?

Hi TimothyP50

My question is now five years old, so most people won't see your question. You will probably get lots more answers if you post you question independently. Also, it will help if you specify the brand of your treadmill and post a picture of the slot with the magnet in it. I hope you get a useful answer. If you aren't sure how to post your question as a new thread, let me know and I'll try to help.

Something to keep in mind: is it actually magnetic? I've only ever seen physical 'keys' that fit into the machine.

If it is indeed just a magnet, find one that fits the hole/slot/.and see if it works.

Clarify: The treadmill right now still functions with the emergency stop 'lost' somewhere else? It shouldn't even start without that key.

Some of the newer ones (I've seen in hotel weight rooms) have a round magnet with a lanyard and clip attached. They work the same way as the physical "keys," but (like the Mac's new power dealy) are less like to get stuck when you want them to pop off.

In that case I again go for the 'just try it' with a spare neo magnet ...if you can get the mill to power up, then mold it into a piece of sugru or hot glue, etc, and attach a string :D

Right. It doesn't do anything other than say to replace the emergency stop switch.

Glad it worked for you with a strong enough magnet!