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How does this 5 pole switch work? Answered

I took apart a broken DVD player. I wanted to possibly use the tray mechanism for a project. It appears that the DVD player uses a 5 pin pcb mounted switch to reverse polarity for the motor. I can of however figure out how to wire this and make it work. How does this 5 pin swith work to switch the polarity of the motor?


Unfortunately I had not made it that far. Looking at the DVD player part itself I think there is more to the circuit on another PCB somewhere. I wanted to use just what was already on the existing PCB. So I think my question is kind of pointless now.

OK as hooked up it is a three pole switch two of the poles do nothing.
White wire with black dot negative motor.
White with short black bar positive motor.
White wire black X one pole.
White wire long black bar common pole or center pole.
White wire looks like LM not sure the other pole.
The motor is controlled by the circuit the wires go to the switch tells that circuit board if the drawer is open or closed.

You can do the same with a double pole double throw switch.

It is best to find one with a centre off position OR you can use a separate switch to kill the motor when in the new position

How it works should be obvious from the diagram..

DPDT switch.jpg

5 years ago

It takes 4 wires to reverse a motor on a DPDT switch.
I'm just guessing the fifth wire may be a static shield wire.