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How does this effect happen? Answered

Ok now on a night out all the photos were taken with a friends camera, now it had a very strange effect on eyes, see the picture, both her and I have brown eyes, how exactly do we end up with blue? Almost all the photos it takes do this, no problems with anything at all but eyes, even glasses and windows come out normally but the eyes...



9 years ago

Couple of thoughts... check the white balance setting - some digital cameras have a "flash" setting which reduces the amount of blue registered by the CCD. Also, you both seem to be wearing blue shirts - with your flash being a little "hot" (too much flash - it's blowing out the skin tones) your eyes might be picking up some diffuse reflection off your clothing. Nice snapshot - need to Photoshop out the pole though.

Nice snapshot - need to Photoshop out the pole though.

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Again the flash blued everything, those clothes are black, and brown based black not blue based black... It was just what it did to every photo with the eyes that's wierd flash on or off...

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..Unlike my brothers N95 which wets itself unless you're on the same floor as the wifi..

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Hey those eyes make you look crazy ! I think its the camera trying to avoid red-eye


9 years ago

hello all,
I second the idea of taking the pole out, and try using a tripod next time. It may help with the lighting and you will not need to use such a heavy flash. I get that you said it happens in daylight too, but it may be worth a shot!

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That's the best answer yet, it's unbelievable how many times this thread has been dug up though, I suppose everyone has their own theory. That one sounds reasonable, it was a very intense flash so my guess is that you're right and it was enough light to reflect blue back since melanin isn't completely opaque...

Did you ever get an answer? damn thread is too long. Here's my theory. Blue eyes are blue because they reflect and scatter shorter wavelength light, brown eyes are blue eyes with melanin that absorbs all wavelengths. I suspect that the flash is producing enough light wo cause some reflection and scattering of blue light, inspite of the melanin, and it'spicked up because of the relative darkness of the scene.

Date stamp: camera was without batteries for too long. They do that. Mine reverts to date of manufature. Eyes: Well, unless you've sold your soul or been bitten by a werewolf, I would say it's in the camera. I agree it's the internal anti-redeye device. Or you've been cursed. Pissed off any gypsies lately?

See the problem is that it didn't have any red eye software just the usual triple flash... I did have a fight with a gypsy the other day....

Triple flash? In that case, I'm inclined to say that your flash and your shutter are out of sync, and along with the miracle of bad alignment, yoou are getting glare off the cornea of people's eyes. But maybe you should carry some lucky talismans anyway...

Ugh I don't know, really it'll come out in time, my new camera has a full on rave every time you use red eye reduction, it strobes for half a second then removes your retinas from your skull, it also removes nostril hair... I mean it's literally violent as far as a flash can go....

A triple flash is used to help the camera focus. You should be able turn the date stamp off under the menu.

If your camera is shiny enough to have an accessory shoe you could try borrowing an external flash to try. You could also diffuse the flash so it's not a point source, which might be doing weird things if the camera is small and the flash bulb is close to the lens axis.

Ugh the camera that did this wasn't mine, I just wondered about the effect that was all... my new ones is only a creative compact, mind you it's good... The flash seems to have been borrowed from a counter terrorism unit though...

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Maybe our iris's have weird "Textures" that make an odd effect with flashes.

From wiki, "In many species the tapetum lucidum, a light-reflecting layer behind the retina which improves night vision, intensifies this effect. This leads to variations in the color of the reflected light from species to species. Killerjackalopes, for example, display blue, yellow, pink, or green eyes in flash photographs."

Or maybe you all are possessed...

Humans don't have a tapetum lucidum, which is why our night-vision is so poor compared to other animals. The red colour of red-eye is reflected from the blood vessels of our retina.

Oddly enough I have extremely good night vision... That could be reason, being a half breed deer and rabbit..

i think its the second one, personally