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How evil are you? Answered

How evil are you? Are you a Good apple or Baaaaaad to the bone?

Take the test and find out!


My first test showed good. But then I gave my second choices, and I was pure evil. I guess it was Habbakuk vs. Mike Palin, Beef vs. Chicken, and Reverend vs. Military General that got me.

I'm insane. It was probably Canada.

I'm twisted. I bet it was the rock music. :P

Does this mean you like the Rock group, Twisted Sister? ;-)

Woo! Another Twisted! Sunbanks and I are currently high 5'in, care to join in?

I'm not twisted enough to high five anyone. I only high five if I feel the social situation that occurs because I don't high five will be worse than the awkwardness of the high five. :D

Somehow neutral! Even though I have been plotting the de-throning of Adrian Monk for months!

I'm.....Pure evil?? I am absolutely terrifying? My mere prescence strikes fear into the hearts of those around me? There is no turning back?! I am the definition of evil, and I work for AOL? That's it, no more beef for dinner! And from now on its oldies rock for me! And im switching to Opera! I guess this is what I get for making Canada my favorite.....

This is me picking evil answers, and Internet Explorer.


it gives you that if you try to lie and say stuff that you think is evil

well, what you got was there to keep people from lying about how evil they were.

after I changed my web browser, I went from pure evil to insane, and it wasn't the evil web browser from human blood or w/e.

I'm so evil, I think about me thinking about me thinking about me stealing candy from babies thinking of me stealing their candy.

Oh, however can this happen? I'm such a nice and tame lad.....


I mean, cake? What cake? Oh, this cake? Would you like some?


Er... I dont see how this happened. Im nice in person, I swear! -PKT


Yeah, so I think it's 'cuz I use Firefox.


it says I am evil.

it should have said i was evil.

IM pure evil, And I stirke terror into people just standing near them.... weird, im usually the one with a rubber chiken in one hand, a pool noodle in the other hiding in a corner.....

I'm twisted! it was probably because I use firefox.

If you were really evil, you would lie abut how evil you were and wouldn't appear to be evil at all. This test is evil!

If the test is truly evil, it would know that you are lying about how evil you were and still make it appear that you would be evil. That way, you would post that you were evil still make the good guys look better than you. This test is evil.

I got PURE EVIL!!!
Buhuhuhahahha **cough* *cough*** haha!!!
Nice site!
Thanks for this!

It says I'm twisted, and I'm really not surprised XD

Yay! I'm pure evil, too! The YECs are right :-)

Red and purple sections basically sum up YEC hunts, along with the green in some cases.

I iz Twisted...

Cool, who would have known?


Apparently, when I use firefox, I'm neutral. When I use Safari, I'm twisted. Interesting...

I'm insane... I am not evil. I need to go get help...

Without taking the test, I can tell you that I must be the very epitome of evil - creationists call me it all the time. One even accused me of child abuse, simply because I teach the facts of evolution to my science classes.

I think I broke the internet again - it says I'm angelic!

ROFL i got Angelic

I'm twisted. Just barely evil.


9 years ago

At first I got the same thing as skate, but it was not caused firefox, I changed it to IE and got Pure Evil Then I was bored so I randomly answered questions and got, INSANE.