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How exact ( +/- volts/amps) do you need to be when charging a laptop? Answered

 It seems that most laptops charge at around 19volts  (+/- 2) at around 3 amps. Can you charge a laptop at slightly over or slightly under its' charging voltage/amperage? I'm trying to make a "universal" solar charger.

If not, why?

I'm trying to make a solar panel that will charge a laptop. What I need to know is if it's ok for a laptop to charge at an amperage slightly over what its' charging cord is rated for (the panel would be directly wired into the laptop, bypassing the charging cord)



Best Answer 8 years ago

The laptop will only draw as much current as it needs.  So, even if your solar array can supply 200 amps, the laptop will only draw 2-3 amps.

Voltage is a different issue.  It should be kept as a constant level.  Chances are the internal charging circuitry can withstand a volt over or under the ideal, but any more than that and you're asking for trouble.

how many volts can charge a laptop?

how many volts can charge a laptop?

how many volts can charge a laptop?

What does it say on the battery / in the laptop manual?