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How fast do capacitors discharge? Answered

Do they discharge to 0 volts?
pls and thank you (for my school expo project)


Theoretically, they could dicahrge to 0 volts instantaneously, if you could apply a perfect short circuit. The actual discharge time is related by an equation

V=V0 x e-trc

RC is the product of the resistance you are discharging with, and t the time in seconds.

Mathematically, V never reaches 0, or it does in infinite time. We USUALLY say the "discharge time" is the time for t63% of the original voltage across the cap to decay.


Since time and space are infinitely divisible every 63% reassign the 
remaining 36% as a unit and await 63% discharge of that remaining
voltage, Never Reaching Zero...
But that is ridiculous, any youngster knows it will zero out LOL :-D


I was describing the electronic version of Zeno's paradox.


6 years ago

Faster than what you can let go of.