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How fast is a small tesla turbine? Answered


For an example, Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the Tesla Turbine, first made a small 6 inch disc turbine that did 35,000 rpm...before the German Steel discs stretched out of shape.

The rpm in a Tesla turbine is limited mostly by the disc material, and the radius of the discs.

Modern materials such as carbon fiber might give twice the speed of steel (70,000 rpm for 6 inch). Three inch diameter discs could go about four times faster than 6 inch (280,000 rpm)

It's possible that a tiny Tesla turbine, with less than 1 inch discs, could do over a million rpm!

depends on how small. No reason it can't exceed 120000rpm.

you will see my next instructable and think it is insane it will be a tesla turbine

That would be grreat if it gets over 30,000 rpm that would be achieving my goal.

High speed + light rotor <> high torque (power)

If you want to extract power from a turbine it needs vanes on it + high pressure to drive it & some mass in the rotor.

Also got to depend on fluid viscosity and probably density.