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How fast is your internet ? Answered

I just want to know please go to speedtest.net and post your results

download: 3089 Mb/s
upload: 547 Kb/s
ISP: Cebridge Connections


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Mine sucks where i live
DL= 5489kb/s

Its only DSL though.

My speed test results are,

Downloading speed - 1010Kbps

Uploading speed- 456Kbps..

I performed my internet speed test here IP-Details.com .
Is this good or not?

My connection is about 5mb upload, 768k upload. It's rather crummy, and totally unstable. My line is such crap that my isp actually has the speed set to well over 18mbit on their side, but by the time it reaches me, it fluctuates a lot.


9 years ago

not nice,but my dad was downloading stuff at the time


10 years ago

Tee hee

upload speed.JPG

But this is working from the london server about 70-80 miles away


hehe, On the upside, your upload is better than mine... and I tried a different pyramid:

this one!.JPG

I've got a solid connection again. Behold. Also - I can't seem to figure out why my download is so slow for torrenting. Maybe I'll ask the forums later...


My internet now is soooo much better than what we used to have.


10 years ago

Sorry,not my PC,not my country.I will try when I get back,I can give you the mbps only.It was about 30mbps,just because I am using wireless

Not the best.....really:


Try a server thats not busy, the one closest to me I got 1200 down and up I picked one that reported it was 9500 Miles away and it was almost three times that speed....

Downloads don't seem to change much, but I got much better speed on uploads from NYC, NJ, and W.DC

I tried about five across North America and they didn't budge to much, sure some where a little faster, and I figured the people in South Africa are sleeping so I shot one over there and it was almost three times the speed, ping speeds sucked 750mS but it was 9500 miles away...


10 years ago

1204 down 302 up ....only thing is, it's fast enough for downloading at a decent speed (300Mb/hr) but the DL limit... :'(

I actually find it's a good way to measure the speed. =P

a bad way to measure torrenting speeds, if you leave it on over night

Download- about 1,500 every time. Upload- about 250 every time. I feel sad. My internet is like nothing compared to everyone else's. :(

Results from my computer to San Francisco, CA, USA sever... Upload - 191 kb/s Download - 2081 kb/s Results from my computer to London, UK sever... Upload - 242 kb/s Download - 2056 kb/s

1242 kb/s down 315 kb/s up ~50mile ping: 29ms ISP: at&t 1.5mb/s

Something has dropped me to 27 kbs I am not sure what though....

dl: 18321 kb/s ul: 2569 kb/s

o and I have Comcast. If anyone knows what that is...

If you want my opinion, their cable sucks, 3 of my channels won't work.

3132 kb/s 540 kb/s


10 years ago

Download: 4587 KBS Upload: 934KBS Ping: 88 Distance ~ 100mi My computer can be put on different speeds of downloading... and computing.. Right now its on low... if i turned it on to maximum and i closed world of warcraft and itunes and all the other programs that im using right now it'd go faster... way faster Server: San Francisco, CA Thats pretty amazing... i think

on good days I connect at 22.4 Sometimes it is a even 28.2. I get a lot of things done (cooking , eating and cleaning up) when I decide to download someting. Dsl is not in our area and I wouldn't make enough in a year to afford huges.net...enless I quit eating

Download: 1830 kb/s

Upload: 332 kb/s

Easynet = sky broadband.

Download: 297 kb/s Upload: 157 kb/s

It's not

It is not too fast, but I like it!


its pretty nice

Download: 7281 Upload : 952 w00t!

What insight? That your internet is SLOW! That's right, I said it! I have uber-fast Bellay WiFi!

Uber-fast ovahreh WiFi is just as good! Sigh. Ovaries just aren't as funny. :P

they can be... but never when anyones listening... Ovary wifi would be fun though... only fertile women would have connection and soon the world would become super fertile again...

No, they aren't. You should never say that word again. You should knit yourself a cap to hide your pink hair >:D

An ovary cap? Oh, that would be cute. It would look like I had two little antennas sticking out on the sides of my head...

Ha i win for paying for 2mb download speed and getting 3894kb/s though 379kb/s upload is saddening 56ms ping at 300miles over the sea aswell is nice...

haha i own you all.... verizon fios... Fiber optics

Picture 1.png

you got me by a little bit, but this is from my home computer... not an industrial connection like a university.