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How good is the steel 4Cr13MoV ?? Answered

I've got a knife made out of it, and I was wondering how good it is, I know its some sort of Chrome-Molybdenum but this one has got a hint of Vanadium which I know some tool steels are made out of, Could someone please shed some light on my question??


CrMoV is a steel...

"CrMoV steel is a heat resistant steel typically used in applications such as shafts and fasteners used in high temperature service.

The chromium is used in this steel to increase resistance to corrosion and oxidation, to impart high temperature strength and to increase the hardenability. The molybdenum addition also imparts higher hardenability and increases high temperature tensile and creep strengths. The vanadium addition inhibits grain growth during heat treating while improving strength and toughness. This steel is referenced in the industry specification AMS 6304."

If it wasn't, would they have made a blade out of it?

yes, that's what sneaky Chinese people do

You generally get what you pay for.

Even blade steels are only "good " blade steels if they are heat treated very carefully.