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How hard is it to make a garden tractor? Answered

I have been wondering how hard it is to build a pivot steer garden tractor, I would probably use 2 donor garden tractors, for the axles, gearbox and engine. i was wondering about using  1 inch box section for the chassis, i would like to build it so that it is 4 wheel drive. I have drawn what i was thinking of designing, i am not particulaly good with google sketch up, i would use an engine with a horizontal drive, 10- 20hp probably. i would have an idler on the belt connecting the front and back axles. i would like to set up a pair of belts to go from the engine to the first axle, both with an idler that can be used as a clutch, it would have one belt for forwards and one for backwards, it is likely to be controled by a second clutch peddle, one forward, one backwards. has anyone got any surgestions, especialy for the pivot.

I have limited tools, parts and time, i have only acess to tools we have on the farm, drill, welder, grinder and some hand tools.  I'm nearly 15, so the design needs to be fairly simple, but i will get dad to help with some of it. we have a fair selection of old parts, at the farm, i will probably get 2 garden tractors to start from, two westwood?

Thanks for the ideas, and replies, it gives me some confidence in the idea


i have done some more research and foung this
i am wondering about designing something simular , but not with the loader (possibly a later project) and 4wd, but the same basic priciple, and possible link arms like on my current garden tractor

Sorry, the web adress didn't hyperlink, should copy and paste.

we have agarden tractor for pulling a trailer/ lawn sweeper ect... , but it is quite slow and the turning circle isn't good for the lawn sweeper (it won't turn sharp enough), it struggles on the muddy lanes(not4x4), i have fitted a hydraulic pump, but it needs 24v and the batteries won't charge as there isn't an alternator, and it won't run for along time (it is off a tail lift on a lorry). this is why i would like to build some thing. in school (at lunch) we are building a go-kart for the green power challenge, so i am gaining some expierience in making vechiles, i am currently working on a hydraulic tipping trailer for the tractor we have.

if i build it i will try to make an instructable or simular, but it may take a while to source 2 simular tractors/ build the new one.

If you can get 2 donor tractors, why not just get one of them to work?


Sounds like you have a design idea that will work, understand how they are built and have access to the parts and tools required - all good.

Go for it. - Write up the instructable - PLEASE!

I applaud your ambition! Not many kids under 15 years old would even think to tackle such a project. Unfortunately I don't have the answer you need, but I wish you a lot of luck!