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How i RAID USB Flash drives to work as a single drive? Answered

Do any one Know how to do it? i search on the internet but i can't find any Description on how to do it.



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's really hard to do in windows - as windows drivers wont allow the drives to become 'fixed' (non-removable). 
It can be done in linux natively with a few sneaky commands.

I have dreamed of such a thing. A "memory stick adapter" in which you plug in 2 memory sticks. The device handles the "raid 1" for the sticks. If once memory stick burns out, you take out the stick, plug in a second, and the raid gets rebuilt.

Here is how I would do it:
Get a computer
install linux
plug in the usb sticks
create the raid
share the usb sticks via samba or ssh.

Now, the trick is getting the computer to "spoof" a usb drive, and serving up the contents of the raid file system over the usb port.

After everything works, migrate the whole thing to an embedded computer that can run linux, such as a raspberry pi.

Currently, I know of no commercial device that can do all this. The hardest part is "faking" the usb drive connection, as everything else is already done.

I wrote a guide on this... problem is it won't work on Windows.


i was Thinking on Doing the USB "Hard Drive", but i want the USB Flash Drives On The Hub work as one.

i Find that the RAID can be made by Software on windows but i dont know if it will work on windows...


8 years ago

Maybe this would help:


The conclusion seems to be: As you can see, if you could get a reliable set of drives (and drivers) to operate a four drive RAID 0 array, the performance would make it worthwhile


Oh, and apparently it only works in Linux (so far - I haven't checked the forums on that site to see what others have done with this).

Yes, but credit to the guy for trying and documenting it!


Why do you want to RAID these? (See jeff-o)