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How i change my yahoo password only with my actual password? Answered

I want to change my yahoo password but i forgot that stupid answer to the question .I have only my actual password.



Answer 8 years ago

+1. Contact Yahoo. They may be willing to send a temporary password to your registered alternate e-mail address.

If you don't have one, or have lost access to the one you used when you first registered... and don't remember or don't know the other authentication information ... it's a dead account.


8 years ago

Your "actual" password? I'm not sure what that is. I have a half dozen passwords for systems, and another many dozen for websites, merchants, and utilities, bank and other commercial cards...None of them is my "actual" password.

Perhaps you mean the password you use to sign into your computer. If so, that's not the same thing.

You'll need to do a password reset using your email address and or by talking to yahoo directly to identify yourself or create a new one.