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How in the world do you gleek?!?!?!? Answered

for all you tards out there:gleeking is the act of making pure clean saliva squirt directly out of your salavary glands. i know its something to do with flexing your tounge but i dont know exactly which way so if you could tell me here or write an instructable that would be great!


how in the world everybody MAKE IT SIMPLE i really want to know when my sister was moving out i was helping her right and i kept feeling wet stuff on my neck from behind and i turned around and my sister and my sisters boyfriend were just sitting there so i turned back around and i started to help again and so i felt it again this time i caught them gleek handed lol and it was my sisters boyfriend doing it!!! and it kept happening and happening and happening and i finaly got up and slapped him in the arm i turned back around and he stoped lolololo hahhha

Haha, it only comes to me when i eat something that has a funny taste and the taste hangs in my mouth. Ive gleeked about 1 meter before.

How I Gleek Is To Press Your Tongue Down Behind Your Salavary Glands And Then Press Your Tongue To The Roof Of Your Mouth Hardly. But The Key To This Is Having a Piece Of Gum, Or Something Sour In Your Mouth. Thats How I Learned. But I Got Really Good At It So Now I Dont Need Anything In My Mouth. Good Luck. (:

I can do it easily. It's like wiggling your ears, or riding a unicycle.

i know sometimes when i yawn it happens ive done it maybe 3 times on purpose so...

I yawn, comes naturally, but I don't know how it works... L

... i been researchin this for like a month and ive never came across that one but ill try it...thanks!

OK, to star start chewing five pieces of gum at the same time. then get pure lemon juice and put some in your mouth. keep chewing and it will be so sour you will eventually gleek. It worked for me!