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How is Lamp oil made Answered

Everyone can show you how to make a lamp. I want to know how the lamp oil is made?



It's a byproduct of oil refining, not suitable for a home project. ;-)

I would have to disagree that its only a byproduct of oil refining. I have read in pioneer days that people where able to make a form of lamp oil from animal fat and of course we all remember whale oil. These are forms of rendering. I was just wondering what those process's where.

To true, I guess i was only thinking in modern terms. Rendering is pretty easy, but stinky, just get a bunch of fat scraps and a big pan and cook them down, skim off the oil.

. There are other things that can be used in oil lamps (eg, your animal fats), but the most common are kerosene and lamp oil (kerosene that has been more highly refined and doesn't produce as much smoke).
. Google is your friend.