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How is RobotShop.com???? Answered

Okay, I needed to buy some parts to build one of those huge Jeopardy tables with the buttons and the lights and all the little wazooos. However, I can only find RobotShop.com that has those huge 100mm push buttons, and they also have a arduino relay shield i want. Anyone ever buy from them before? How is their service and shipping response?




1 year ago

With all the websites selling electronics; RobotShop is consistently one of the best. Their products are good quality and their shipping is low cost and quick (unlike some websites who charge you more in shipping than the item you are buying. I remember once making the wrong choice of product and although they had already packaged and scanned my order, the lady from customer service went out of her way to have it pulled out and managed to make the changes I requested and still have the order shipped the same day! I don't even bother shopping around anymore, RobotShop is on the top of my list whenever I need something for my projects :)


2 years ago

Firstly, they allow you to add and even pay for items that are not in stock. When I asked how I could do this, Tammi-Lynne told me they *did* have it in stock.
When I pressed her on it, she then changed her story to they did *not* have it. I questioned the practice of allowing people to pay for an item they dont have, and she responded with a total non-sequitur condescending blowoff.
They obviously just want your cash and have an all too typical arrogant attitude towards the customer.

If you can, you should probably avoid ordering on Robotshop.

I made a couple orders from Robotshop. Had no issues with the first ones. I then had to make an urgent 2 day air order for replacement parts days before an important meeting. Unfortunately, the package somehow got lost by UPS. To my surprise, Robotshop did nothing to help. I had to coordinate the investigation with UPS, and Robotshop refused to send me a replacement package (they asked me to just order again) or even refund the extra $30 I spent for expedited shipping. I told them UPS was giving me a lead time of two weeks to find my package (i.e. three weeks after I should have initially received the urgent replacement parts), but they did not care. They basically behaved as if the lost package was my fault and did not want to hear about my problems.

Had this happened on Amazon they would have sent a replacement package immediately, so why bother? It’s really too bad as their tech team seems pretty good. But if you need a reliable provider order somewhere else.


2 years ago

I ordered a couple parts to be sent to a convention with 2 day shipping. Not only did they not ship, they never had the parts in stock. Now for the amazing part.
I called customer service. The first lady, Veronica, told me they had sent an e-mail to let me know. Also of course, they wouldn't call, after all they are a worldwide online shipping company. The tone of which was "You're sooooooo dumb". I did not receive the e-mail. Then I was asked, "what do you want me to do". This tone was more like "hey sorry buddy! You're the one stupid enough to shop with us, whaddaya want me to do about it?"
I asked to speak with the supervisor, Pamela. The one who obviously trained Veronica. But she didn't give her young padawan all the skills of how to make a customer feel stupid.
I wish I would have recorded this. I had no idea how bad this was to become.
Pamela was even less helpful and seemed to blame me even more. I asked why I would be charged and why would the website let a charge go through if the part was out of stock. She said its been that way ever since the website started...sir. Silly me! This conversation devolved into passive aggressiveness and more "things I should have known".
When I realized she was not going to help. I asked her to send the parts to a different address. I hear typing for about 5 minutes and silence.
"Hello" I say
"Yes Hello" she says
"Sorry" I respond
"No problem"
another 5 minutes of typing.
"Is this going to take much longer" I ask?
"I am waiting for your address" she responds!!
I am astounded by this. I ask if she is playing a game. How can you treat a customer like this? She laughs
"I'm not playing a game, sir" She obviously takes delight in this.
I have to let the world know about this. I don't care what paid reviews are put up about this place, It is the worst customer service experience I have EVER had. I am a real person. Remember the names and hit the record button on the phone. You are in for a headache!

I love Robotshop! They have very good relibility and include spreadsheets, schematics, and very accurate product mesurements. They have never failed me once and i order from them at least once a week. I personly would recommend robotshop!.

Thanks! Do you order form ther US branch? And if yes, how long does shipping usually take?

yes i live in Colorado and it ships via UPS witch takes about 1-6 days(so they claim) Plus the 24 hours it takes for your order to be processed by robot shop. Unless you are shipping to a PO box. For me it usually takes 5-9 days which is very good for where i live. I know that they ship from Vermont so the closer you live the better! i found this map of ups shipping from Vermont. Hope it helps!



5 years ago

I have ordered from them once in the past, i do not remember having any issues, but i do not remember how long delivery took either - so it may be slow, but at least not slow enough that i remember them badly for it.

(I am in Nothern Europe - infact our countries just this morning made an agreement on how our borders along greenland should be divided (useless info of the day :-) ))

But in short, if you are not in a hurry (or willing to pay for expedited delivery) i have nothing bad to say about them.

Pretty vague but i hope it helps