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How is the best way to get quick reversing on a garden tractor? Answered

i have been thinking about how to build a garden tractor again i would like to be able to change from forwards to reverse very quickly, I have be thinking about how best to do this, the only solution I have thought of is a hydrostatic drive, this is far to expensive to the garden tractor I am thinking of.

I think the garden tractor will be around 13 HP to give you an idea of how much power will be going through the system


I have just thought of another idea, this idea would give both variable speed and forward/reverse control on a single lever.
i know that it won't be able to take much power through it but, i am thing of mounting it on a garden tractor that would be used for mowing/ other low power jobs, the most it is likely to do is pull a small trailer. it wouldn't be used for ploughing of heavy loads, because i know it wouldn't have the power to pull a plough.
are there any other problems that i have overlooked?
the diagram sort of shows the idea

reverse and variable speed gearbox.bmp

Google "the boy mechanic". It's available several places as and ebook and pdf for free. Check "the gutenburg project". The boy mechanic was written back when youngsters were encouraged to build things even though there was a chance of injury. I'm sure there should be some power transmission ideas. Also look for book 2 of the series. There were 4 but I've only found 2 online free.

yesterday while at the farm i found in the back of a shed, most of a Rotavator that dad got when he was at collage, he never got round to putting it back together, there are 3 similar size pulleys, i was think about using 2 and then 2 belts as clutches.
thanks for all the ideas.

quick reversing.bmp

Hybrid: engine drives genny, drives motor.....

If you're aiming for 13bhp, then you need a 10 kW motor/genny set

Have you looked at the Village Construction Set from open source ecology? The tractor is one of the completed open source hardware items in their list. There should be plenty of documentation on the LifeTrac III (the lifetrac IV is under development). I havent used anything from the VCS myself (mainly because there is little use for a tractor in an apartment) but it seems a really good initiative.