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How is this possible? Answered

Eric? I think we have a bug... Anyone else notice this?


yes heres 6 examples

error6.JPGerror5.JPGerror3.JPGerror 4.JPGfungus2.JPGfungus.JPG

negative minutes are accrued so you can use them later :-) The time machine works ! LOL

Ha! I want to build a time machine...just gotta find out how the grandfather paradox works out! :D

I've got a working prototype. So far it's only doing one day every 24 hours though. Got to experiment with alcohol some more - I distinctly remember traveling a whole evening in a blink of an eye once...

Nothing so elaborate.....just a borrowing of minutes wasted to use later ;-)

I just accepted it, I've been having an odd day so time travelling posts seem reasonable enough...

Well, my till came up with 666 a total of fifteen times today, one of my bike pedals unscrewed itself despite being secured well, my shoe went on fire, my zippo burst in to flames (unrelated to shoes), I could have sworn I shaved but my chin says different, I somehow managed to rip the whole till and table assembly out of the floor while jiggling the counter cache (should require insane force), the kettle had some kind of insta boil reaction, it was just sitting heating and when I moved it it clicked and spewed steam, the microwave plate for the turntable detonated for no apparent reason, half of my ex gfs ended up in one room and all texted me the same text (that one happened before but again, c'mon), my jet engine blew up (again), the hoover is now a 1200W whistle (still sucks but the sound is unbearable) and lastly my super chicken noodle soup went on fire, I have no idea how I set that stuff one fire, It's one of those things that doesn't happen.

Well, not really, we call it a till in the USA too, depending on the part of the country one resides in :-P

Really? Huh, I've never heard it called that...oh well live and learn.

yeah, the till, the kitty, cashbox, money box. All synonyms.

speaking of which, there is now going to be an X-files movie..

Why, just why are these long dead shows being revived? First Speed Racer, then The X-files. What's next? Attack of the 50 Foot Blob?

Ain't that the truth.....how many times must we suffer with Pigmalion remakes ! (I am being serious here).

Oops, didn't see your post before I posted, sorry :-)

No, that was the attack of the 50 foot woman....and that was a B movie already (so was The Blob).