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How likely is it that my ISP is limiting me because im a pirate? Answered

I used to be able to download items from torrent sites like "The Pirate Bay" using "Limewire"or "Bit torrent" but now I cant? I will look at the torrent site and it will say like 15 seeders and like 1 leecher or something good like that but my Limewire and Bittorrent says that I have no seeders or peers and will stay at 0% forever? What is going on? Will the RIAA drop by my house any second to arrest me? Is my ISP screwing me over? Am I just doing something wrong?

And I am using The Pirate Bay to download the torrents.


Thank you very much you guys, but I decided to stop file sharing for moral reason. And no im not saying anyone is a thief its just my beleifs. Thanks anyways!

the thing you need is called peer guardian
it blocks connections from "bad" companies FBI

but it's not really what you are looking for....
do you have a router? unblock a port, and download thru there..

on bittorrent, click the exclamation mark, on the bottom of the window

It could be the ISP, mine was blocking utorrent and I had to switch to Vuze. Try to find something with a huge amount of seeders and try that. Also your ISP is probably sharing bandwidth with your neighbors. Try to download something at 12 am and see if it changes. Also sites like pirate bay only refresh the trackers like every 4 hours. So that file might have been popular 4 hours ago everyone has went to bed or done downloaded it,

. Your ISP is probably blocking P2P traffic for everyone. Try this Google search and you may be able to figure out a way (change ports?) to get around the block P2P +ports. Or search for "P2P blocking".

possible. use tor to surf but dont overload it with filesharing

see if a friend with the same isp has the same sites blocked

is tkgold from the image blocked too ?

hahaha no its just a stock picture of a blocked website, my ISP so far hasnt blocked any web sites.

switch to another app and fileshare some legal stuff only for a while. see if you are blocked again try to change ports