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How long does it take an instructable to be featured once its published? If it is worth featuring? Answered



Best Answer 7 years ago

The people with the happy power to feature usually scour the recent forums and will normally feature something they deem worthy within the first 24 hours (maybe say 48 on the weekends). However, I actually had one instructable featured after it had been up for more than a year (I had made improvements to it in the meantime). So usually pretty quickly, but it can also still happen at anytime.

But how do they find the instructables because I just recently published this instructable:


I was wondering if I need to add a link somewhere for them to find it or will they find it automatically because I just published it yesterday!

And regarding the featuring process will we first receive an email and then we see the featured banner or will the banner appear first and then the email?

They search all instructables and sort them by recent. Yours still appears on page two. Robot should place the featured banner and send the email together.

to my surprise, my Instructable was featured within 24 hours after I published it. If it doesn't get featured, I would go and look in the help section on what makes a good instructable and edit yours accordingly. Before I published mine I scoured this section and then tried to follow its advice to the letter....

I guess my instructable is not worth featuring then...

I went and looked at your instructable and it is very well done... but I am a little confused.

Looking at your profile it appears that you are very active in this community, having published 28 instructables and have even had some of them featured in the past. Are you using the answers section to drive traffic to your new one?

Featurable projects are usually featured within a few hours of publishing, frequently within a few minutes, because there are some people who don't actually have a life...

. Anywhere from a few seconds to a few years, depending on who sees it and how impressed they are. As far as I know, there is no formal review of all Ibles for Featured status so some good ones slip through the cracks.