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How long does it take for Instructables staff to decide if an Instructable will be featured? Answered

How long does it take for Instructables staff to decide if an Instructable will be featured?



Best Answer 6 years ago

If members of the Community Team are online when you post your project, then it can be only a few minutes, usually less than an hour, and almost always before your project leaves the second page of the "recent" list.

Since there are over 50 people with the power to feature projects, and they are spread around the world, it is rare for decent projects to go much longer than that without being featured, but sometimes CT members (especially those based at HQ) take time to trawl back through past projects, either looking for projects that might have been posted at busy times and slipped by without being spotted, or for projects on a specific theme.

I once had a project featured before it was posted in the lists, because, although it got caught in the filters, I tweeted the link and at least one member of the CT follows my twitter feed, saw my tweet, followed the link without realising it was filtered, and decided it was worth a feature.


6 years ago

I had one that was ignored for months and then long after the contest it was entered in was over, it was suddenly featured. Its just one of those things. On the other hand I had one that 2 different editors featured at the same time within hours of it being posted. And then there is one that I thought would get featured but it never did. It is not random and a good instructable will probably get featured but sometimes it can take a while for the right people to review it and it is possible that one can get overlooked in the shuffle. If you have one that you think is deserving have someone competent review it for you. Then edit it to make any suggested changes and republish it. Again no guarantees that it will get featured but it could stand a chance.


6 years ago

I have had an ible featured in minutes and one after 3 days.

Don't expect a lot of action from Friday evening to Monday
California SF time  :-)


Which Ible of yours got featured in minutes?

It all depends on when the staff is online and looking for ibles to feature. Ibles that get featured tend to be Step by Step with a good write up and plenty of pictures to help illustrate what is going on. An ible that covers a new topic or greatly expands or improves previously posted topics is a good thing.