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How long does it take for a new instructable to show up? Answered

How long does it take for a new instructable to show up?


For most projects, it is within a few minutes (although it will take longer to show up if you are not logged in).

Sometimes, though, a project might trip the site's automatic filters. In that case, they need a human being to release them to general view.

During Californian working hours, that will take between thirty seconds and an hour or two, depending on how busy folk are at HQ. At other times, such as weekends or over (Californian) night, you will have to wait longer, until a human being comes into the office to clear the filters.

In the mean time, you will already have the direct link to the project, which you can freely share with friends, or via social sites (such as twitter) and blogs.

If, however, you feel that your project has been "hung up" in the system for an unreasonable amount of time, then either send a PM to one of the site's community managers (see the "About" link at thhe bottom of every page), or send an email to service@instructables.com, making sure you include the URL of the project, and the date/time you published it.

Thanks... to everyone who replied.

Got my answer today anyway. I published my first instructable yesterday, and it was an editors pick and on the front page today! Yahoo!


6 years ago

Between 3 minutes and 3 days :-)



Kind of depends when you post it. If you post it after normal business hours (pacific time) on a Friday it may not show up till around lunch time that following Monday (pacific time). If you post it early in the morning during the week it may only take a couple of hours.

Basically after hours and weekends nothing new makes it into the categories or the main pages.