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How long is a pro membership good for? Answered

I paid for a pro membership on 12/28 of last year then again in January on the 7th. How long is a membersasship good for and why did my first membership expire so soon?



On your account, I only see a 2-year pro membership that was activated on January 7th. There isn't a record of another pro membership from 12/28. Please email service@instructables.com with the information so they can look into it to see if they can discover what happened. Any information (receipts, etc) pertaining to your purchase will help them solve the problem.

I just sent a message to them with a file attached showing both charges on my credit card.

There are one year memberships and three month memberships

Try emailing support@instructables.com


Something went wrong, they need to fix it.

(Of course, if you post something cool, it can get featured and you get free pro membership!)